Project Planning Approach 

Organizational Phase: 

Collecting data and developing a work plan and schedule for the project duration. Identify key team members who will provide strategic project direction to the design and selection of equipment needed to provide the services needed to meet institutional goals.


Design Phase: 

Develop total listing of equipment needed for the project based upon services planned and develop the project budget estimate.


Procurement Phase: 

Prepare purchase criteria, develop RFP, obtain multiple bids, negotiate best prices, prepare PO’s, develop delivery schedules with construction team, order equipment, receive and check equipment, obtain off-site storage if needed. Develop complete inventory and asset control program.


Construction Phase: 

During this phase, the building will be monitored for compliance with the intended equipment installation requirements. The equipment will be installed and tested prior to the first patient use. Staff will be trained in the safe operation of the equipment prior to patient occupancy. 


Operational Phase: 

Develop management procedures and computerized medical equipment management program. Staffing will be provided to maintain the equipment in top operational condition. Maintenance schedules will be developed, and programs developed to provide in-house support for the upkeep and safety inspections of the equipment. The bio-medical department will be equipped with service manuals, operator manuals, test equipment, tools and parts needed to perform necessary PM and repairs.